Adomas Baltagalvis is a Facebook advertising specialist who spent the last  years being an active digital nomad in which time he traveled to 26 different countries, spent over $2,000,000 on Facebook ads and smashed some crowdfunding world records.

How did he go from a kid in Lithuania to a well-known Facebook advertising specialist?

It began with motorcycles.

The First Customer Is The Hardest To Find

Right after graduating from the University of Nottingham, Adomas took up a job at a motorcycle tour agency in New Delhi and spent a year living in India.

There he discovered the power of social media marketing and especially Facebook ads. Even though he was doing all sorts of work at the agency, he focused most of his time on reaching potential motorcycle tour customers via Facebook.

adomas baltagalvis motorbike india

At the end of his one year-long internship Adomas started freelancing on the side, but his beginnings were humble: “I didn’t have any personal platform or network that I could reach out to. So I went through all the different freelancing platforms and started applying for tiny little jobs. I think I got the first one on UpWork to set up some ad campaign for a $15 fee, but you have to start somewhere.”

Managing Facebook Ad Campaigns Might Be More Lucrative Than You Imagine

These days Adomas positions himself as a Facebook advertising specialist who helps online businesses generate more leads and sales by creating the right strategy, consulting on sales funnels, and managing Facebook ad campaigns.

When asked about the best ways he acquires his customers, Adomas said: “It’s a combination of many different things. During these fours years I invested a lot of my time and effort into building a personal platform. I have my own blog that gets a decent amount of organic traffic and I write guest posts for more established websites. I occasionally speak on marketing-focused podcasts and I’m really active on Quora and Facebook groups where I answer many advertising related questions. I’ve also built an e-mail list of more than 2,000 people who are small business owners or social media marketers. These days I also get a lot of new clients from referrals or people noticing the successful campaigns I managed.”

Right now Adomas focuses on working with high-end Kickstarter projects and uses Facebook ads to promote the campaigns. He uses paid advertising to build a targeted e-mail list of excited subscribers before the launch of the campaign. Then he builds trust with the subscribers via email and prepares them for the launch. Finally, once the campaign goes live, he sends as much traffic as possible to the campaign page to generate direct sales.

After that initial push he continues running Facebook ads until the very end of the campaign. With this strategy Adomas has successfully promoted five multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaigns some of which have smashed Kickstarter records: LIV Watches ($1.1m and $1.7m), Superscreen ($2.5m), Filippo Loreti (€4.8m) and MyKronoz ($5.3m).

Working with Facebook ads has been extremely lucrative for Adomas. He makes a six-figure annual income by working an average of 6 productive hours per day and describes his usual day like this: “I usually wake up before 7 am, have a quick bite, read a book, and go to the gym. After that, I get a proper breakfast and occupy myself with some lighter things – I go through my emails and messages, read interesting articles and catch up on the news. I like to do my most important work after lunch, when I jump on calls with my clients and manage their advertising campaigns. If I don’t have many projects going on, I finish work at 6-7 pm. But if I have to launch some new ad campaigns or talk to my clients on the other side of the world, I might work until 10 pm or even past midnight.”

Position Yourself As An Expert

Adomas’s story is similar to a lot of other freelancers: he graduated from university, found himself an interesting one year-long internship, started freelancing on the side, and started traveling once he was making enough money to sustain himself as a freelancer.

His best advice for every aspiring digital marketer is this: “Start developing your personal platform as early as you can. Write blog posts about the work you do on Medium or Linkedin; participate in different Facebook groups and attend live events; connect to other professionals on LinkedIn and invest in those relationships. Basically, do anything that will help you position yourself as an expert in that industry, so that your friends and connections would trust you and would ask for your help even before you quit your regular job.”

Interested in Following Adomas’s Footsteps?

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Adomas also recommends these 5 books for you to read: PlatformDotCom Secrets, and Stop Thinking like a Freelancer.

To learn more about Adomas’s work, visit his blog or connect with him on LinkedIn. If you want to follow his adventures, check him out on Instagram.